International train connections to/from Germany

Germany has a very central location and good rail connections with its neighbouring countries. We have listed some popular international trains and average travel times. Train schedules can be found by using the online timetable.

Please note that these international trains are not covered by your German Rail Pass, with the exception of the trains that are listed here.

Popular international train connections per country

The Netherlands

Amsterdam - Cologne (ICE, 2 hrs. 40 min.)
Utrecht - Frankfurt (ICE, 3 hrs. 30 min.)


Brussels – Cologne (ICE, 1 hrs. 50 min.)
Brussels – Frankfurt (ICE, 3 hrs.)


Paris – Frankfurt (TGV, 3 hrs. 50 min.)

United Kingdom

London – Frankfurt (Eurostar/ICE, 7 hrs, with transfer in Paris)


Copenhagen - Hamburg (ICE, 4 hrs. 44 min.)


Vienna – Munich (Railjet, 4 hrs. 20 min.)
Salzburg – Munich (Railjet, 1 hr. 30 min.)


Zürich – Munich (EuroCity, 4 hrs.)
Basel Bad. Bahnhof – Freiburg (ICE, 30 min.)

Czech Republic

Prague - Berlin (EuroCity, 4 hrs. 40 min.)


Warsaw - Berlin (EuroCity, 5 hrs. 30 min.)


Venice - Munich (EuroCity, 6 hrs. 40 min.)