Airport connections in Germany

Major German airports with stations and train connections

Will you arrive in Germany by plane? We have listed the major German airports with their recommended train connections. Some stations can be reached by ICE (InterCity express) high-speed train, others by S-Bahn (local commuter train).

Düsseldorf (DUS)

ICE trains to Berlin/Dortmund/Cologne/Stuttgart
S-Bahn (S 1+S 7) to Central Station
Frequency: every 20 minutes

Hamburg (HAM)

S-Bahn trains (S 1) to Hamburg Central Station
Frequency: every 10 minutes

Hannover (HAJ)

S-Bahn (S 5) to Central Station and beyond.
Frequency: every 30 minutes

Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF)

S-Bahn (S 9+S 45) to downtown locations and Airport
Express Schönefeld to Berlin East, Central and Zoo station.
Frequency: every 10–30 minutes

Frankfurt am Main (FRA)

From Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof (long distance trains): ICE trains to Hamburg/Stuttgart/Nuremberg/Munich/Cologne/Zurich/Amsterdam/Brussels/Vienna/Interlaken

From Frankfurt Flughafen Regiobahnhof (regional trains):
S-Bahn (S 8+S 9) to Frankfurt am Main Central Station and locations in the Frankfurt area.
Frequency: every 10–15 minutes.

Regional trains to Mainz/Wiesbaden/Koblenz/Saar brücken/Hanau/Stuttgart (STR):
S-Bahn (S 2 and S 3) to Stuttgart Central Station.
Frequency: every 10–20 minutes

München (MUC)

S-Bahn (S 8 and S 1) to München (Munich) Central Station.
Frequency: every 10 minutes

Dresden (DRS)

S-Bahn (S 2) to Dresden main station and Dresden-Neustadt.
Frequency: every 20 minutes

Leipzig-Halle (LEJ)

Regional trains to Leipzig main station/Halle (Saale) main station.
Frequency: every 30 minutes.
IC trains to Leipzig and Hannover

Köln/Bonn (CGN)

S-Bahn (S 13) and regional trains to Köln-Deutz and Köln main station.
Frequency: every 20 minutes.
ICE trains to Cologne/Munich/Berlin