Seating types

German trains offer a variety of seat types and sleeping accommodation (on night trains).

Seats on ICE trains

When making a reservation for ICE high-speed trains, you can specify the compartment type (compartment or open saloon, with or without a fixed table) and the seat location (an aisle or window seat, seats opposite or next to each other).

There are also special ‘silent cars’ for passengers wanting to relax or work quietly. In this area mobile phone calls, loud conversations or other noisy activities are unwelcome.

Sleeping accommodation on City Night Line trains

For City Night Line night trains there is a variety of sleeping accommodation available.

In 1st class, you have a sleeping car with your own shower/toilet. There are cabins for 2 or 3 persons. You can even choose a private cabin.

In 2nd class, you can choose a bed in a couchette for up to 6 persons. Alternatively the cheapest option is a reclining seat.

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