Business class on German trains

High speed train ICE, Germany

As a business traveler in Germany, there´s no better way to move around than by train. Traveling from Messe to Messe? The train will get you on the move quickly without the hassle of airport check-ins. Whether you choose to relax or get some work done, the train is ideal for both.

Speedy connections

ICE high-speed trains connect all major German cities and will quickly take you to your next destination with speeds of up to 320 km/h.


Stations are conveniently located in the city center, often near trade fairs. View a map of the German railway network to see the different connections.


Working on the train

Laptop in 1st class compartment ICE high-speed train Need to get some work done? You’ll have your office set up in no time on ICE high-speed trains.


Simply choose a seat with a fold-out table, which you can reserve online, plug your laptop in the power socket and connect to the HotSpot portal available on many of Deutsche Bahn´s ICE routes. See the routes on our  WiFi HotSpot map.


You can also request a seat in a high cell phone reception compartment and make any necessary phone calls. In a hurry? The on-board staff will gladly order you a taxi to be waiting for you when you arrive at the station.


Relax and unwind on the train

Refreshments on ICE high-speed train in 1st class The ICE trains are perfect for relaxing in between meetings or after a long day at a trade fair. You can sit back in a silent car, plug in to the integrated audio connection and select the music channel of your choice, plus you´ll have a drink and snack brought to your seat. 


If you’re hungry or feel like some company, move to the BordRestaurant (you can leave your valuables in one the ICE lockers). Sit down for a delicious meal, in some cases even organic, from the à la carte menu. Or, have a drink and chat at the BordBistro.

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