Orders and refunds

Check out our FAQs about your German Rail Pass order and how to exchange or refund your pass. If you cannot find your answer then contact our team of rail experts.

Do you sell point-to-point tickets? 

No, we only sell rail passes, valid for train travel in Germany during several days.

In case you only want to travel from city A to city B, you can order a point-to-point ticket from Deutsche Bahn. When you plan to make multiple train trips in Germany within a month, it is often cheaper to buy a German Rail Pass.

How can I check my order status? 

You can check the current status of your order in your personal account. Your order confirmation mail contains the login details for your account.

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Can I get a refund or exchange my pass? 

Yes, you can apply for a refund or exchange. You can receive 85% refund for a German Rail Pass that is both unused and unactivated. In the case of an exchange for a different pass, we can give you a 100% refund minus an administrative fee of 15 Euros per pass.

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Can I get compensation for train delays? 

You can apply for financial compensation for train delays, when you have suffered at least 3 delays of 60 minutes or more while traveling with your German Rail Pass.

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Do you sell rail passes for other countries? 

For travel in other European countries than Germany, you can buy a Eurail pass through www.eurail.com.

Besides rail passes for a single country, you can also buy a Eurail pass for multiple countries. A popular choice is the Eurail Global Pass, valid in 22 countries in Europe.

If you are a European resident, you are not allowed to to travel with Eurail. You can buy an Interrail Pass instead.

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